How to Sell a House During the Slow Season

Autumn Home SalesAre you a real estate agent who has some great listings but dread the prospect of holding onto them until spring? Rest assured, it is possible to sell properties during what is traditionally considered the slow season. To succeed in the midst of the holidays and the chill of winter, you just need to know a few insider tips.

Not all markets rely on seasonality to sell a home. In fact, areas with warmer climates actually enjoy a jump between October and January. As house prices continue to rise and interest rates consistently fall, buyers compete for homes amid dwindling inventories. In La Verne, where Exact Escrow is located, real estate is still a hot property. toy houses and autumn leaves

Focus on Today’s Home Buyer

Many buyers today are younger and single. So they don’t face the constraints of having to wait for summer school-break before considering a move. That is why latest figures indicate that homes listed during the month of November often sell faster and closer to asking price than at other times of the year.

Make Sure Your Listing Stands Out

Autumn Home Sales La VerneIf a house is listed in autumn or winter, it will appeal to interested buyers because fewer homes hit the market during this time of the year. According to, waiting times for closing of loans are shorter between November and January.

As a realtor, you can encourage homeowners to maintain their home’s curb appeal during the holiday season by decorating it specifically for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This allows the future homeowners to imagine a wonderful holiday season spent with family and friends around hearth and home.

Instruct homeowners to simmer cinnamon in water on top of the stove and light a fire (if the house features a fireplace). If the sellers like to bake, ask them to prepare warm chocolate chip cookies, since warm baked goods warm up any home.Fresh cinnamon sticks and powder

Set Realistic Pricing

People who tour homes tend to be more serious about house hunting around the holidays than at other times of the year. Most are too busy to play Lookie-loo. What’s more, buyers at this time of the year don’t often focus on superficial details like how many days a property has been on the market.

Since more people start their home search online these days, they have access to valuable information. So, make sure your online listings pre-qualify buyers by featuring accurate images and detailed descriptions of not just the house but the property as well as the neighborhood. One of the reasons traditional selling seasons are changing is owed to reliance on electronic communications.

Low Price Good Quality Home SalesSince this is the time of the year to engage serious sellers and buyers, ensure that the sellers list their property for a realistic price. Now is not the time for testing the market to determine whether or not they actually want to sell. People who list in the late fall and early winter tend to be serious about wanting to move.

Market the Home for the Time of the Year

Photos of the property should be current and reflect the season. Let buyers know about potential tax deductions they claim before year end, if the house closes in time.

Exact Escrow wishes you great success this holiday season and throughout 2020.

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