Our Staff


Janneth Perez
Email Jan@ExactEscrow.net

EFax (909) 542-0182

Janneth is the president and sole owner of Exact Escrow. Prior to owning her own escrow company, Janneth held positions in several active escrow companies in the San Gabriel Valley. Janneth is fluent in Spanish and has been in the escrow industry since 1982. Janneth's duties at Exact Escrow include overseeing the company's daily activities, coordinating the company's staff and business development efforts and managing an active escrow unit.

Shannon Packard
Manager/Escrow Officer
Email Shannon@ExactEscrow.net

EFax (909) 542-0181

Shannon's bright smile and bubbly personality make her a pleasure to work with in the escrow process. She has been in the escrow industry since 2000. She handles all types of escrow transactions. Her knowledge of the escrow process helps her solve issues that can come up during the course of a transaction. She thrives in customer service and is willing to close challenging files. Her clients are for life. Try her on your next transaction and let her show you why you will be her client for life as well.



Lydia Ortega
Senior Escrow Coordinator
Email lydia@ExactEscrow.net

Her career in escrow began more than 20 Years ago and has built outstanding relationships with realtors, lenders and affiliates in the San Gabriel Vally area.  She is fluent in Spanish and has excellent customer service attributes. Throughout her career, she has been fortunate to work on a myriad of projects and has developed expertise in many kinds of escrows. Lydia is excited to join Exact Escrow and is looking forward to create new relationships with the real estate professionals that Exact Escrow deal with on a regular basis. 

Jennifer Aleria
Jr. Escrow Officer/Closing Department
Email Jennifer@ExactEscrow.net

Her calm and easy-going personality and attention to detail translates to well processed escrows, which provide a positive experience for all those involved in the transaction. Jennifer has been in the escrow industry since 2000 and is responsible for estimates, funding's and closings. She enjoys working in the fast paced, multi-tasking environment that only the escrow industry can provide.



Kimberly Smerek
Escrow Assistant
Email Kimberly@ExactEscrow.net

The voice on the other end of the phone has been with Exact Escrow since 2005 and is dedicated to providing great customer service. She takes great pleasure in assisting anyone who is in need of her help. She is very people oriented. Although she is not a La Verne native, she admires the community and the great clients she has met over the years. Kimberly is responsible for openings, processing files and daily banking.


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